The National & The War On Drugs at Bank of NH Pavilion

The National & The War On Drugs Tickets

Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion | Gilford, New Hampshire

The National & The War On Drugs

Indie rockers unite! The Zen Diagram Tour is about to bring a raging riot across the land! Are you ready to rock along to these indie bonanza?! Because we totally are! The National and The War on Drugs are banding together to do one gargantuan banger and all are invited! This co-headlining tour is bound to bring you a bang for your buck as you witness two phenomenal powerhouses in one! This fantastic outing makes its way to Gilford, New Hampshire, and has fans tearing it up at the Bank of NH Pavilion! Expect exhilarating showdowns as both bands share the stage on Thursday 12th September 2024! Both the National and the War on Drugs have something up their sleeves like their latest records Laugh Track and I Don’t Live Here anymore! So better be ready to rock out like loony on this one, it’s the only way to enjoy the tunes! Hurry and secure passes now!

Whoever had this idea of putting two indie rock titans The National and The War On Drugs deserve a raise because indie rockers across the U.S. are going bonkers for this one! The Zen Diagram trek is one helluva rock riot as these two powerhouses bring their rip-roaring catalogs centerstage – The National recently came out with a new banging effort, Laugh Track, while The War on Drugs will be serving a brilliant five album catalog showdown! Both bands are tearing up the major stages like never before and bring about some out of this world energy! All that’s left is for you to be there! Lucky for you, it’s totally easy to secure some access!

Now, this brilliant spectacle at the Bank of NH Pavilion is part of the co-headliner’s massive outing. The Zen Diagram is actually slated to hit 19 major cities and it’s guaranteed to be a staggering run of shows as The National and The War On Drugs serve up their incredible catalogs.

The National belted out some iconic indie works during the early 2000s but their career also reached phenomenal heights when they found their breakthrough with 2010’s High Violet. What followed were terrific subsequent works like Trouble Will Find Me, Sleep Well Beast, Up to their latest work, Laugh Track. Fans are looking at rocking out to smashing titles like “The Alcott,” “I Need My Girl,” “Heaven,” “About Today,” and lots more.

Meanwhile, The War on Drugs will be picking out some smashers from their five album catalog, including gems from Lost in the Dream, A Deeper Understanding, and I Don’t Live Here Anymore. Fans are sure to be rocking out to titles like “Pain,” “Red Eyes,” “Under the Pressure,” and “I Don’t Live Here Anymore.”

Bring on the brilliant rocker bangers and monumental anthems! It’s about to get heated up at the Bank of NH Pavilion and it’s all thanks to the magnificent co-headliners The National and The War On Drugs! If you want to become part of this indie rock bonanza on Thursday 12th September 2024, tickets are easily secure when you tap on the Get Tickets link! Hurry and don’t miss out on the Zen Diagram Tour!

The National & The War On Drugs at Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion

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