The Beach Boys at Bank of NH Pavilion

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Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion | Gilford, New Hampshire

The Beach Boys

Get yourself a dose of some 'Good Vibrations! The Beach Boys are heading back to the stage, launching a roster of ENDLESS SUMMER GOLD nights on tour. Led by Mike Love, the band is jet-set to serve some blasts from the past, taking an amazing set of legendary hits at the Bank of NH Pavilion on Sunday, May 26 of this year. The golden series of shows also features special guest Dave Mason. As the band keeps its legendary hits surfing across the country, they're also gearing up for the launch of their upcoming book "The Beach Boys by The Beach Boys". The band's book is coming out this April for a limited release. Since the '60s, it's always been tales of fond memories surfin' across the USA. With 29 LPs up their sleeve, every show is bound to have a special rockin' set, promising endless golden summer nights with the boys. Don't miss out on The Beach Boys by booking your tickets now!

The Beach Boys have surfed the whole wide world, becoming one of the nation's greatest bands known for their surf vibin' music. Led by Mike Love, the band's ocean of hits include "Wouldn't It Be Nice", "Good Vibrations", "Rock and Roll Music", "Surfin' U.S.A., and many more fan favorites. These tracks have sparked memories cherished by all generations. Now, celebrating decades of legendary surf rockin' music, they're embarking on the "Endless Summer Gold" tour, sharing endless nights of summer vibes.

The Beach Boys is on a roll. Last year, they dropped a new Dolby mix of their 1966 record "Pet Sounds". As an album that changed the game of mainstream music, its sonic elements given a new life, mixed by Giles Martin, pays justice to the musical genius of the band.

"Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys is a game-changing, iconic album that changed the face of popular music," Giles Martin shared with the press. "It influenced the Beatles to go and make Sgt. Pepper’s, Sgt. Pepper’s then influenced Pink Floyd to go and make The Dark Side of the Moon. It’s a fascinating record because it’s really the workings of a genius, Brian Wilson, that sort of had boundless enthusiasm for ideas and textures."

As a pioneer in the industry, the band soon became known as "America's Band", becoming an institution for music that defines the American life. With a roster of hits and great influence that transcends through time, they've been highly recognized as one of the world's most influential bands. Thirty-seven songs on the US Billboard Hot 100 Top 40, they hold the record as the American band to achieve such milestone.

The Beach Boys was founded in 1958 throughout 1961 by the Wilson Brothers. Though the band is known for their endless waves of hits after hits, it wasn't an overnight success. Although, as they came rising back in the day, their power bankrupted their old label for unpaid pre-orders of "Surfin'". Following immense demand and attention for their surfin' hits, they signed with Capitol, whom Nick Venet hailed them as "teenage gold". To this day, their legacy remains golden, sending doses of 'good vibration with their timeless hits.

"What started as a family hobby became a profession, and a vocation." Mike Love shared with The Telegraph. "Not without challenges, changes, ups and downs. We lost a couple along the way. But we’re still on the road, keeping those songs alive,"

Some of the band's greatest hits include "I Get Around", "Don't Worry Baby", "Let's Go Away for Awhile", "Wouldn't It Be Nice", "God Only Knows", "Kokomo", "California Girls", and "Surfin' U.S.A.". It's a setlist that's bound to be a blast from the past.

Don't miss out on The Beach Boys' Endless Summer Gold tour by booking your tickets now!

"And maybe the songs keep us alive, too," he added.

The Beach Boys at Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion

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